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Siraf Trading Company with ISO 9001 certification is active in the field of export, import and trade of all kinds of fruits, vegetables and dried fruits. Our mission is to export Iranian agricultural products to all countries. Over the past 35 years, your trust has been our most important achievement.

Red Onion exporter

Siraf Trading Company, as the leading fruit and vegetable export company in Iran, has the capacity to supply all kinds of export fruits, export vegetables, export dried fruits, vegetables and citrus fruits. One of the most popular export items is red onion. Exported onion, especially red onion, is considered as a profitable product and has earned significant earn foreign currency in the export of fruits and vegetables. Fresh Mughan garlic is one of the other high-quality Iranian products known in the world. This year, more than 500 tons of freshly exported Mughan garlic has been harvested and exported by Siraf.


Siraf Trading Company

Siraf Trading Company, a well-known name in the field of Iranian fruits and vegetables exports, has been officially operating in Iran and the United Arab Emirates for more than 35 years. If you want to cooperate and purchasing Iranian agricultural products, you can contact our official offices from all over the world during Office hours.


The importance of Iran's fruit and vegetable exports

The export of fruits and vegetables and dried fruits is one of the important ways for the development and prosperity of international trade in Iran. Considering the geographical and climatic conditions of Iran, agriculture and the production of agricultural products, including fresh fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, fresh citrus and summer crops are of special importance. Therefore, the export of these products is also known as one of the most important factors in the country's economy. In recent years, due to the presence of international transactions and high demand from foreign customers, the export of fresh fruits, vegetables and dried fruits has increased in Iran.

In addition, the export of fruits and vegetables and dried fruits can add high added value to the agricultural sector of the country. By supplying products to foreign markets, farmers can earn more income and thus increase agricultural productivity in the country. Also the export of fresh and dried fruits and vegetables is  very influential in the development of the packaging and transportation industry. Exporters of fruits and vegetables in Iran are one of the main players in earning non-oil currency and influencing factors in moving the economic wheel in the country.


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Fruit export business opportunities

One of the successes of Siraf Trading Company in the export of fruits and vegetables and dried fruits is access to new markets. Foreign markets provide countless opportunities for the export industry and allow entrepreneurs and businessmen to market their products globally. Also, the use of new technologies in the export process is also very effective in this success. For example, using electronic systems to communicate with customers and monitor target markets is one of our business policies.

What is the target market for fruit and vegetable exports

To investigate the target market for fruit and vegetable exports, one should use various sources such as business reports, statistics and figures related to export and import, surveys and market studies. Also, consulting with those who have experience in exporting to the desired markets can help in choosing the right markets. After choosing the target markets, detailed analysis and deep understanding of the culture and habits of its people, business laws and regulations, existing economic and political factors and how to enter and compete in that market are of great importance. Contact with local business representatives and marketers in each market is also very effective.

Sustainable trade with export target countries such as UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Russia, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, Poland, Germany, Spain and Canada has been registered in Siraf's record.