Grape export

Product name: Grapes
Main Production Areas (origin)
:  All  Provinces
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Outside/Inside color: green-yellow-red-black
Taste: Sweet 
Season: Summer

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Grape export

Grape is a soft skin and juicy fruit that ripens from grape tree. Also grape is one of oldest plants that mankind learned how to cultivate that. It seem grapes export grow in all zones of world that have moderate whether. In Iran also this fruit cultivated and export of grapes from Iran is performed every year.Maj or grapes export cultivars of iran: bidaneh white and red, asgari, sahebi, yaghooti, ​​shahroudi, shahani, pikami, khalili, fakhri and … . Due to these valuable properties,  Grape export has always been of interest to exporters in Iran and the world

Siraf Trading Company

We are Siraf Marine Services.LLC, with the rich history of collaboration with our long lasting clients/partners around the world. One of our most important activities is fruit and vegetable exports.

Siraf .Co is supplier, exporter and wholesaler of Iranian fresh fruits and vegetables such as grape export , apple, pomegranate, kiwi fruit, grapes, cherry, apricot, strawberry, melon, lettuce iceberg, tomato, potato, cucumber, lettuce, cabbage red, Broccoli and bell pepper.

Iran is a country with 4 seasons, so it makes it very variable in terms of production of fruits and vegetables and also other agricultural products. Our company ” Siraf Marine ” is here to deliver it’s best services for supplying and exporting Iranian fresh fruits and vegetables such as grape to all importers from all over the world.
Siraf Co. has supplied different buyers in over 20 countries and we are happy to be at your service this time.

Fruits and vegetables Production in Iran

Iran is the biggest producer of fruits and vegetables in the middle east and it’s been one of the first countries whose agriculture was counted as a business.

Around 12% of Iranian Land is under cultivation of Iranian farmers and one third of Iranian lands has the potential to be used for agriculture if the water distribution goes well.

Iran’s agriculture is more traditional rather than modern but it’s moving slowly towards technological productions so a lot of investors are interested to invest in Iran’s lands specially in fields of fruits and vegetables since fruits are so tastier because of rich Iranian soil and special climate.

Low price

One of the major reasons that turns Iran to one of the main suppliers of fruits and vegetables in the middle east is the low production costs and lower wage for labor forces compared to many other countries so these reasons really affect the price of Iranian fruits and vegetables such as grape export.
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